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Jay Jacobus Consulting
Progress Is Immediate.  Success is Certain.  Results are long lasting.

Jay Jacobus Consulting was started 10 years ago to provide ISO 9001 and management consulting services to manufacturers and service companies.

While some consulting services focus on specific industries, we offer services to all companies.  We are expert in management, control, improvement and ISO 9001.  All companies can benefit from these services.  Our customers get ISO 9001 certification, increased revenues and / or improved productivity.

For ISO 9001 many of our competitors focus on compliance only.  We focus on compliance and improvement; giving our customers the added bonus of progress.

Our management services focus on control and improvement which are the two most basic goals of a manager.  In the process
we enhance a company's ability to plan, train, lead, organize and staff.  Manager's that follow our methods realize improved consistency and increased profits.  Our guarantee secures this claim.

Over 40 years of combined business experience backs up our services.  While we always work toward practical solutions, our techniques are grounded in well established academic discipline.  We modify college courses into actions, techniques and skills making them immediately useful to our clients.

We always improve our clients and we keep coming back until they are satisfied.  Our slogan is  "
Progress Is Immediate.  Success is Certain.  Results are long lasting."  This is our goal and we take it seriously, every time.