Systematic Planning Always Gets Great Results

1 - Learn the ins and outs of the planning process.

2 - Avoid planning pitfalls.

3 - Choose the most advantageous initiatives.

4 - Learn cost / benefit decision making.

5 - Assess and improve your own planning skills.

6 - Get a Custom-made plan for your company.

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Jay Jacobus Consulting
Progress Is Immediate.  Success is Certain.  Results are long lasting.

Planning has some pitfalls.  For this reason it is wise to have an outside planning expert guide the process. "Guide the process" does not mean override your plans but it does keep management focused on getting to the desired results.  We focus on understandable planning without tedious, time consuming lectures.  We get your planning done effectively, quickly and reasonably. 

Also, our
project management services get your projects implemented on time and within budget.  

Page down for a chart of the planning process.