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1. Zero Based Marketing

Zero based marketing means clearing your mind of any existing marketing programs and starting from scratch.

Modifying an existing marketing plan often results in a new plan that is closely aligned with the old plan and may still contain flaws from the old plan. Starting from scratch helps people think out of the box and come up with totally fresh ideas. 

Only, when the most beneficial ideas are chosen, do the executives mesh the new plans with the old plan.

This is just one marketing idea that a knowledgeable manage can use.

29.  Underutilized resources: 

Companies may lose productivity to underutilized resources.  

Machines may sit idle or they may be used for unprofitable work.  Employees may spend time doing work that could be done more economically by someone else or in a different way.  Bottlenecks may slow down a whole production line.  Machines can be upgraded, refurbished or replaced.  Floor space can be condensed opening the way for new operations.  Jobs that can be done cheaper by a subcontractor should be outsourced.

We can set up a systematic way to analyze resources and, in the process, increase productivity.

We have other ideas that will improve a company's sales and marketing results.
31.  Set goals

Workers work better when they have a goal. 

A worker, who produces 10 items without a goal, may be able to produce much more if he is challenged.  So the smart manager will encourage each worker to increase his production by telling him what he should strive for each day.

In an plant and office goals give employees something to shoot for.  If the goals are reasonable, employees will strive to beat the goals.

Team goals can be even better because workers will tend to encourage each other.

8.  Expand your offerings.

More than half the sales effort is done when you have a customer.  Now you can increase your sales if you offer new products and services.  Think of compatible products that the customer may be buying somewhere else.

Many retail stores offer compatible products to increase their sales.  Book stores may sell magazines, coffee and cards.  Hardware stores may sell appliances, rugs and flowers.  The idea is "Once a customer walks through the door, sell him as much as you can."

Manufacturers and service companies should think in similar ways.

The people in the picture are very smart.  They are well educated.  They know calculus, probability, statistics, ANOVA, regression and many, many more academic studies.  They should be scholars.  They shouldn't be businessmen.

Businessmen need to get the most out of their operations.  If they need a scholar, they will hire one.  If they need practical management solutions, they will hire us.
Here is a scholar's phone number:  973 331 3500.

 Here is ours: 973-537-7388.
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