Customer Satisfaction

1.0        Purpose

1.1        This procedure describes the process of monitoring and measuring customer                satisfaction to determine desirable changes for the company's products and services.
2.0        Responsibilities

2.1        Management is responsible for determining the appropriate measures, methods and use for monitoring and measuring of customer satisfaction.

2.2        The general manager is responsible for analyzing data and preparing reports for management review.

2.3        Management is responsible for initiating feedback projects as warranted.

3.0        Definitions

3.1         None

4.0        Equipment/Software

4.1         Not applicable

5.0        Instructions

5.1.1        Customer feedback is solicited on a routine basis by the sales force.

5.1.2        The company encourages customer feedback.         To improve its performance customer feedback is an essential element.         Analysis of feedback, leads to positive modification of the company's resources, processes, designs and management procedures.         All customer feedback is recorded for subsequent analysis, but:         Immediate action is taken where feedback indicates a critical non- compliancy.

5.1.3        Periodically, the sales department compiles and summarizes customer feedback for management review.

5.1.4        Management analyzes the feedback and modifies resources, processes, designs and procedures as determined.

5.2        From time to time Management may assign special feedback projects. Project planning will determine objectives, tasks, resources, costs, timing and output. Projects may include:

5.2.1        Focus group meetings

5.2.2        Direct client communication

5.2.3        Customer satisfaction studies

5.2.4        Return customer studies

5.2.5        Other methods identified by management.

5.3        Management reviews the data and assigns action items according to the Management Review procedure.

5.4        Once a year (or more) management will decide if the customer feedback procedure is working as intended.  It will be changed, if it is not providing the desired information.

5.5        Military (and other) customers are under no obligation to participate in feedback loops.  Participation is voluntary.

6.0        Forms and Records

6.1        Project records as identified by management

7.0        Attachments

7.1        None

8.0        Related Documents

8.1        Management Responsibility Procedure

9.0        References

9.1        None



In writing manuals for themselves some company managers have a tendency to be long winded.  This is not necessary.  The important point is the results that the procedure creates and not the amount of words.  Some companies write detailed instructions.  This is acceptable but usually leads to an emphasis on tasks rather than goals.  The goals should always be the most important aspect of each procedure.

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ISO 9001 Example

Below is an example of a procedure so that you can see how procedures are often formatted and have an idea about the content.  This particular procedure is not difficult to understand and utilize.

I marked several paragraphs in red because these are the important parts to this particular procedure.  If a company's management follows these instructions, they should learn how they are perceived by their customers and what they can do to improve their reputation.

While this procedure seems fairly straightforward, it can be written in a few different ways.  Some authors favor using surveys asking for numerical ratings for quality, on time delivery, responsiveness and value.  Typically, surveys are deemed to satisfy the standard but they do not give management specific actions to take.  If a company averages a 3.8 (out of 5) then they know they must improve but they do not know how.

In my mind, it is important to get the customers to verbalize their opinion.  This procedure can be used to find out what competitors are doing that customers like.

Customer Satisfaction
Management Review
Functional ISO 9001